Respondiendo a la pregunta “¿qué tips de tu profesión podrías darnos?” Un usuario de Quora responde:

Today, I was trying to fix something on my wife’s computer and told her some variant of “don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched”. At which she accused me of not thinking positively.

I was forced to explain to her that the computer would do what it does regardless of whether we take a positive attitude or not.

As we are increasingly faced with a world eaten by software, the skill that everyone is going to have to learn from programmers is to recognise what machines are: implacably logical, impervious to emotional appeal. They will not be brow-beaten. They will not sympathize with your suffering. They are indifferent as to whether you are happy or sad, optimist or pessimist.

In the useful terminology of the philosopher Daniel Dennett, we will all need to take more of a “design stance” and less of an “intentional stance” towards many of the institutions we deal with. Hence, “knowing how to remain calm and move forward in the face of the mechanical” is the skill I suggest that people need to learn from my trade of software developer.


Lee: Quote of Phil Jones’s answer to Tips and Hacks for Everyday Life: What are some must-know tricks of your trade that most people are oblivious to? en Quora



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